Outfit post: Thrifted Versace and Kimono Blue Florals for Sunday Boot Sales

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend, the weather is still really gorgeous and it's so nice to enjoy the school summer holidays with fabulous sunshine on tap.

We decided to visit a new to us countryside boot sale which is a few miles away but is mainly filled with sellers who are clearing their cupboards rather than new market trader stalls. It's a perfect size too-not too big and not too small and the bonus of this one is it's a 'lazy bones' one which gets going from around midday onwards. En route we also found another one which was literally only a few minutes away in the car from the lazy bones one and which shuts at around midday.

I decided to wear my favourite cobalt blue original 90s Versace skinny jeans with a mushroom colour cami top from Marks & Spencer (new) and a thrifted blue floral kimono from Matalan which I thrifted at last weeks lazy bones boot sale for just £1:

 I love how the modern blue florals combine nicely with my nearly 25 year jeans, which are so stretchy, so comfortable and still on trend colour and style wise all these years on. I thrifted these Versace jeans a few years ago for around £5 from a neighbouring town's Cancer Research charity shop- I remember I nearly passed on them but I returned a liitle while later to buy them and they've been a real style staple in my wardrobe:

This was photo was taken on the car park field of the first boot sale we pulled up on-the view was spectacular of the reservoir lake in front of us:

As it was our first time at this one and we arrived at around midday, the sellers were already packing up. Eager to get even just one bargain, I came across a lady selling this vintage and 'as new' faux fur jacket who didn't want to take it back home and said I could have it for £1!!

We then went on to the lazy bones boot sale but I didn't get anything-except a sugared donut to eat with some fresh watermelon that we had brought with us- it really was a yummy combination!!

En route home we decided to stop off for a cheeky drink before catching the athletics and football which were both on the TV. We love going to this particular little pub and we always seem to go there when it's gloriously hot and sunny:

The blooms were beautiful and the view from our seat over the village green was so lovely too:

It always seems to be so windy lately, excuse the windswept pose!!

A relaxing end to the boot sale walks was to enjoy a mid afternoon lager shandy before going home to a lovely roast dinner!!

I'm linking this post to the lovely Patti at NotDeadYetStyle for Visible Monday. Another week involving volunteering means I'll be in and out a lot but I will try my best to visit all my lovely readers and commenters-wishing you all a really great week ahead!!