Sourcing MyStyle of Inspiration for a Gorgeous Vintage Dress

Style Inspiration comes in lots of different guises and forms- be it via magazines, online retailers, vintage sites and of course bloggers and stylists.

I've always loved vintage dresses and coming up to Summer I really wanted something different and that would be totally wearable too- so sourcing first, my inspiration came from the British designer Thea Porter. She produced stunning bohemian creations back in the 60s and early 70s from French, Italian and Turkish fabrics that were adorned with beading and embroidery and her designs are surely the inspiration for the current boho hippy chic that has been so popular for this last decade. Here are dresses which were on sale at the exclusive vintage couturier, Decades, Inc

Following on from there my inspirational path led me to the gorgeous Tiffany Wendel, whose blog is a definite must see for anyone who needs inspiring on the vintage, denim and designer path- as a professional stylist she sure knows how to put an outfit together in such a unique and stylish way that will leave you waiting to see what she creates next- here is her vintage dress that captivated me:

So finally I had an idea of what I wanted- something for casual chic, daytime dressing, not too floaty so it can be more trans-seasonal and worn with or without a jacket. Sure enough, after much hunting I found the perfect dress for me, a vintage 70s bohemian style dress by Phool which has a quilted and embroidered bodice with beading detail and the dress has a paisley pattern in general:

I'm still experimenting with it regarding jackets and footwear- I can't decide between sandals or boots, so an outfit post will follow once I've decided!!

What and who is currently inspiring you for your next purchase?