Thrift My Style Perfect Handbag Finds- When Fendi costs the same as Debenhams!!

Hi everyone!! I hope you are all keeping well- I'm sorry for being such a rubbish blogger of late, I seem to be having so much 'life priorities' that blogging has been taking a back seat but I will be trying my best to visit you all so soon!

I had to do a blog post today as I was so lucky on my thrift trip earlier today. Like many fashion and style bloggers I admit to having more than my fair share of handbags in my wardrobe, ranging from small to mid to large size in an array of different colours but I suppose a quarter to a third of them are black.

But why is it when you know you've over half a dozen black bags you still hanker after 'the right one'? Examining my handbags in my wardrobe in more detail this morning revealed that I had only two with silver hardware- one is a DKNY tiny cross body bag and the other is just a bit too fiddly (but still lovely) to be used on a regular basis. I know the gorgeous Michelle at MyFashionable40s had a similar dilemma- I won't call it a problem in the great scheme of things!! I was very impressed with her research and if I had not have found this mornings finds I would have been seriously contemplating buying a black mid size Longchamp bag. So here is what I found this morning:

This first bag was from the Help The Aged charity shop for £6.99 and is a black leather Debenhams Classic handbag. It is actually more mini than mid size but as it has lots of compartments it's not too much of a problem and of course it has the obligatory silver hardware that I was after- I just won't be able to shove a brolley in it, hehe!!

Then my second find was in the Cancer Research charity shop and as soon as I saw it on the shelf, I nabbed it quickly. Of course I didn't want to examine it too closely in the shop but on a quick assessment the overall quality reassured me it was genuine and I'm guessing at least five to ten years old too:

A classic Fendi Zucca hobo bag which when I checked on my journey home has the serial number and authenticity label but having been around fakes and authentic bags for years and knowing that quality is a key indicator I am more than happy that my find is genuine- not bad for £6.99 too! It is mid size and has the silver hardware too and is big enough for a brolley!!

I'm so thrilled with my finds because I knew in my head before I went out this morning what I wanted but I didn't dream I'd stumble across a designer goody! I've always loved Fendi and I know this particular bag will be used so much!

Did you have 'mission accomplished' with sales finds so far this season? Or if you're a thrifter like me have you found items that were on your style list?

Thanking you as always for you continued support, lovely comments and kind words- even though I'm so slow in responding I really do appreciate you all giving me the time and effort by stopping by.

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead!!