The One That Nearly Got Away....Reviewing potential Ebay sales

Hi everyone! I hope you've all been having a lovely weekend- the weather has been so temperamental and the mini summer heatwave from last week is beginning to feel like a distant memory!!

Like many fellow bloggers I do every now and then review my wardrobe as to what is in, what is out, what goes to the charity shop and what can be sold on ebay. I think with the hot weather coming early on in the season, I have been concentrating on sorting out my summer wardrobe and filling it with thrifted pieces such as dresses, shorts and shirts and also summer inspired patterned jackets.

I've been purging things that aren't me and that I appear to have more than one of too. Recent sales on ebay have included a rain jacket and trenchcoat- however much I feel I want a trenchcoat in my wardrobe it's the one item over the years that I don't feel is me and therefore doesn't get worn. Another jacket that was put on the sales list was this River Island melton wool cream biker jacket which I had bought about this time last year but upto last week had not worn! So a couple of weeks ago it got listed on ebay but with the weather turning wet and windy and with a slight chill in the air, I tried it on to see whether I wanted to still keep it or not:

I found that after wearing it for a trip into town it proved to be the perfect cover up as it's so light to wear but the wool content gives some warmth. I paired it with my thrifted Reiss bleached skinny jeans which are from my local Sue Ryder charity shop and were £2 and the recently bought thrifted espadrille canvas slides:

I'm not really sure if the pleather/leather sleeve look is still 'on trend' or not, but the jacket when paired with simple basics such as a plain black tee and jeans is a perfect mid season style staple for my wardrobe so it was taken off ebay and put back into the wardrobe!

Do you review clothes that you spontaneously edit from your wardrobe before they reach the charity shop or a new buyers shopping basket on ebay? I definitely can be too eager to get rid of some things as I donated a tee which although I'd rejected as a working day item would have been perfectly adequate as a lounging piece with leggings-c'est la vie!!

Wishing you all a really great week ahead whatever you get upto!!