Operation Summer Clear Out for more Denim Thrift My Style Purchases!!

Hi everyone! I hope you're all having a great month so far-I've been busy working so it's not left a lot of time for regular blogging unfortunately! Like everyone else though, now the weather is getting milder and sunnier I've been wanting to shed some layers and think of wearing some more Spring like items.
 I decided to have a complete sort out of my wardrobe and looked through all my summer and winter items to purge. Funnily enough I didn't find any winter items that I wanted to get rid of, only summer items that I don't envisage wearing again.

So after having a good delve into my wardrobes and big summer chest I managed to clear the following-one jacket, one pair of shorts, one summer blouse, three skirts and four dresses:

Ten items to go to the charity shop and having done 'operation clearout' it's given me a better idea of what items I want to try and get to add to my wardrobe.

It may sound like I'm jumping on the blogger bandwagon, but I really want a denim dress. Choosing the right one is the hard part but I'm going for one that won't date in style and can be worn any time of the year. In my mind I'm thinking of a tunic style, just above the knee. I really like the Topshop dress below:

The reviews say it is quite short so I'm not sure if I'll order this one but I would like something fairly similar. I don't really want a denim shirt dress but if I find a fabulous one thrifting then I would get this style.
Here are what's really ticking the boxes for me from pinterest too:

Love this unique and refreshingly different style,the cut is amazing!

A real summer dress, very cute for a hot hot day

Love this look, I wouldn't mind something like this 

Just adore this last one too, the white embroidery and cut and style overall is a winner for me!

Another item on my wardrobe wishlist is a faded denim Levis jacket. There is one currently in the house which belongs to my older son but it is one of his favourites (out of the zillions he already has- I think he got his jacket obsession from me) and has adamantly refused to hand it over permanently, so the sooner I find my own the better!

Another item I want too is a quality leather red bag- I've been hunting on ebay, in stores and charity shops to no avail. I'm not sure what style I'm after but when I see the right shade and style out there then I'll be snapping it up. It has to be leather though, as again this item will be a long time keeper once it's found.

Have you done a seasonal wardrobe purge yet? What items are you after this coming season, I'd love to know! Wishing you all a lovely weekend whatever you are up to!!