Thrift Inspiration....Pinterest & Lucky Brand

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a really great week so far, it's half term in the Thriftmystyle house but with working and general life moving ever fast and forwards it's been hard to keep up with blogging.

It's great though when you suddenly get inspired and today's inspiration comes straight from this mornings activity of  scanning and pinning via pinterest. This has been an extremely slow burner for me and I originally opened an account 'just because' sometime last Summer. The account sat unused and that was mainly because I really didn't understand how it worked and how it would benefit me and my blog.

So last month after deciding I should check it out properly, I was so glad I did as boy, it really has captured me in all things style related and is definitely my guilty pleasure of the moment! A bonus is a lot of my favourite friends, bloggers and brands are on there too which makes pinning so inspiring and addictive.
So back to today's post- I started this morning with a cup of tea and the radio and some pinterest and one brand that I was constantly pinning was Lucky Brand, whose style aesthetics are right up my street! Being a lover of denim and tailored pieces their pictures for me are so inspiring and here are some of my favourites from what I pinned earlier:

Then while I was pinning, it dawned on me to share with you a find from late Summer last year which is this lovely little navy tailored jacket from...Lucky Brand clothing!

I'ts a wool jacket and having already so many blazer styles already in my wardrobe I was pleased to find this differently styled one:

I found it in my local British Heart Foundation charity shop for £8.99 and the pictures don't show the true colour which is a dark navy. I've pinned so many different pictures which pair smart jackets and jeans that I've a good idea of how I'll be wearing this one soon when the weather gets a touch warmer!

What is currently inspiring you style wise at the moment? I would love it if you did check out my pinterest board and follow if you like what you see!!

Wisihing you all a lovely week ahead, whatever you are upto and thanks to you all for your continued support, reading and commenting it is always much appreciated.