Wardrobe Re-organisation and Edit

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a really nice weekend-for me I didn't make the trip to the vintage fair at the SouthBank on Saturday as I'm pretty sure I'm coming down with something and with the weather being so temperamental I decided to just spend the day catching up with house work and a spot of local thrifting. 

Yesterday was a really chilled relaxed day which was just as well as the weather was wet and windy and was just perfect for staying in and browsing the 'net, watching films on TV and eating!! I have been thrifting quite a fair bit lately, but I've been trying to get items that I know will fit in with the rest of my wardrobe and get worn regularly and items that slot into this category include sweaters and more trousers and jeans. Over the weekend I really edited and sorted what I had, what I wanted to keep and get all winter items close to hand. Here is a snapshot of my wardrobes in general and this first one is for jackets only-everyday winter and other seasonal ones:

Next are my chest of drawers which in drawer one (top) are scarves and cardigans; the middle drawer is for tees, shirts and blouses and light sweaters and the bottom drawer is knitwear:

My other wardrobe has my jeans on the top shelf and all my vintage and designer jackets, dresses, skirts, trousers and tops that need to be on hangers:

Here is a picture of my storage for other items- the wicker Fortnum & Mason hamper basket holds my jeans that are on rotation, the green case below it holds knitwear on rotation, the case below has a mix of different items that are trans-seasonal. The 'Tiffin Tin' box holds woollen scarves, the wooden crate holds more scarves and the blue case has my summer tees and blouses.

These are all on a vintage trunk that holds my summer skirts and dresses.

I did do quite a bit of a wardrobe edit a couple of weeks ago with the unwanted items sent to the charity shop. I've only got less than five items sorted from the weekend that I'm going to put on ebay at some point and I'm hoping to put the funds towards a pair of ankle boots that I've seen!

I feel that I'm pretty much up to date with basics for winter but I will be on the look out for a couple of scarves-preferably with a red or pink mix to liven up my winter coats and jackets which are housed in my downstairs cupboard. I've a good selection of parkas, faux fur, black coats and trench coats- they just need a splash of colour I think!!

I really want to make the most of my wardrobe and really start wearing what I have rather than keeping worrying about what I haven't got- a re-organisation really helps you realise what you already have and just need to get on and wear!!

Wishing you all a really good week ahead! Do you have your wardrobe sorted for the winter season? Will you be making do or do you have a few items that you need to get to pull your wardrobe together, I'd love to hear about that!!