Thrifted Nordic Scandi Knit, Channelling The Killing Style!!

Hi everyone!! Well the weather really is Autumnal this week, bouts of rain, wind and clouds mean that layering has been a must for all trips outdoors. 
A lot of style bloggers have been posting about sweaters for the coming season and a continued theme  is the need and desire for quality knits. In the mid 80s and early 90s it was standard to be able to buy knits on the high street that were lambswool, merino wool or pure wool-of course, acrylic was about but was that much cheaper. Now acrylic and viscose seem to be the norm on the high street and if you want a good wool mix or pure wool then you really do have to shop around if you're on a budget of under £50.

Who can forget the frenzy of 'The Killing', not just for the show but the wool sweaters featured on it:

The wonderful company Gudrun & Gudrun, run by two Faroese women make The Killing jumpers and cardigans and if you've around £200 to £300 to spend on one of these wonderful knits, it really is an investment knit for life. The Faro Islands are 18 tiny islands situated in the North Atlantic, between Iceland and Norway.  Their traditional knits are 100% organic wool and are handknitted.

My latest thrift find isn't one of 'The Killing' sweaters but as near as to it as possible!! I have been hankering after a Scandinavian knit for quite a few years now and was thrilled to find one earlier today in a neighbouring town's charity shop. The knit is by Norwegian company Nordstrikk. They are situated outside the town of Aalesund on the West coast of Norway and have produced Norwegian wool sweaters and cardigans for over 40 years:

My find is a unisex cardigan and was a fantastic fiver!! A cardigan of this quality can really be classed as an Autumn/Winter jacket and will be a versatile item as I can wear tees, blouses or shirts underneath:

The craftmanship and detailing is second to none and it just goes to show that bargains are there for the finding, especially if you're after some winter items. I spent £5 on this lovely cardigan and on their website the nearest design to it is currently around £150! 
If you do go on thrifting trips keep your eyes open for Scandi knits, retro or vintage coats or jumpers-not only will you get excellent quality, you'll pay a lot less than what's on the high street at the moment-as well as being unique and stylish in the bargain!

Have a great weekend- it's London Fashion Week so I'm sure a lot of stylish bloggers are London bound- here's hoping it stays dry for all of us!