My Recipe for Successful Thrifting and Recent Finds: Zara, Topshop and Church's Shoes

Hi everyone!! I've been pretty quiet on showing my thrift finds recently and also having regular 'bloggers block' bouts lately too where I've been not sure what direction my blog is going in and what I want to regularly post about really hasn't helped. Thankfully I've had a 'lightbulb' moment in that my blog is ThriftMyStyle so I should really go back to my roots and get back to sharing my finds with you all, so hopefully you gain some thrift inspiration for future purchases and get an idea of what 'thrifting' is all about.
 Searching out decent pieces at the boot sales and charity shops seems to be getting increasingly harder, but not impossible and I hope my finds will inspire you to get to your local boot sales or charity shops and check out what's on offer. 
When I go on my thrifting trips I try to stick to an agenda of things I want to get-like normal shopping, it's still important to have an idea of pieces that will compliment and enhance your wardrobe so you don't end up coming home with carrier bags of clothes just because they were cheap. When I am on the hunt for things my main priorities are quality and potential: whether it's a vintage, high street or designer item it has to be right for me and not just bought because of the label attached to it- I've knocked back plenty of designer pieces on my travels-just because it's got a Chloe or Roberto Cavalli label in it if it's not my style or doesn't suit me, then it's not coming home- I'd rather go away empty handed then spend money on items that I know I don't completely love. In the same breath, be prepared to keep your eyes open, rummage and expect the unexpected to pop up as you never know when you're going to come across that 'right' item for you.

After searching for weeks and weeks in early Spring for denim shirts and coming up with nothing I've now found about three which will be real staples in my wardrobe. This particular one by Zara was £2 at the boot sale a couple of weeks ago and is a nice longer length to wear over cami tops and tees open in the summer:

It also has some lycra content so it's nice and comfortable for wearing as a casual piece this Summer and I love the short sleeves and navy popper detailing too:

My other thrift find from last week is this pair of mock croc leather heeled shoes from the legendary shoemaker Church's English Shoes which is a brand with such heritage and quality, it was actually taken over by Prada in 1999. These were from my local Sue Ryder charity shop and the person who had them before me had actually newly reheeled them- bearing in mind this normally costs about £6 now, the shoes were worth buying for just £5.75 and in my size too:

They are a timeless, classic design and will go perfectly with jeans so they don't look too matronly or mumsy. I love the gold gilt chain and the little heel is the perfect height for me:

This Topshop gold and silver lurex tee was from the boot sale a few weeks ago for just £2. It is actually more gold in colour with a silvery thread running through and is my nod to the metallics trend this Summer:

It has a real slouchy relaxed feel to it but being metallic it can easily be dressed up or down-the down side of the top is the glitter comes off it a bit, but for the money if it lasts the summer it was worth buying:

Even though it is currently sales season, boot sales across the country are now in full swing with plenty of ladies of all ages trying to sell their quality unwanted items-so for a Sunday morning change go and take a browse and try and bag yourself a bargain, after all it's the cheapest and easiest way to tap into a particular trend for the coming season without breaking the bank!!