Thrift Inspiration........Gap Trench for £1!!!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed some moments in the sunshine-the weather appears to be creeping up temperature wise so hopefully we can now say Spring is here, yay!!!

On a thrifting trip last week I went into a town that I had not visited for a few months and one of the lures to visit is there is a £1 charity shop-the Sense charity have been doing this for quite a long while here so it must be very popular. After looking at all the other charity shops I didn't see anything that really inspired me so when I went into Sense I wasn't really expecting anything.
The manager was in the back room steaming and sorting items and as I walked past the room I saw the Gap trench coat hanging up. She said it was going to be put out so I said I would take it and as I had it in my hand I noticed a full length Tissavel faux fur coat which she had only put out a few minutes earlier so that was snatched up too! Two coats for £2, less than a regular sized coffee and these definitely raised my adrenalin levels without the need for caffeine!!

So here is the Gap trench after I had laundered and pressed it-it is a cotton coat and unlined so is very low maintenance in the care stakes. I would go so far to say the coats are my best thrifted items for 2013 so far, you really can't go wrong with quality items at such ridiculously low prices!

There are a lot of traditional features on the trench, around the neckline, shoulder and collars and the back has an inverted pleat detail too. 

Sizewise, it is just slightly bigger than I may have chosen if bought brand new, but I can't complain for £1!! Actually it fits fine around the shoulders and the sleeves are a perfect length it just feels roomy around the body from the waist down but that could be because of the double breasted style which I'm not used to:

My weekend outfit of choice was a thrifted boyfriend style denim shirt which was £2 from a local charity shop, black wet look ruched leggings and my trusty black leather Marks & Spencer biker style ankle boots:

I'm also wearing an Eiffel Tower pendant that I bought when I went to Paris for my 40th birthday

I am linking this post to the lovely Patti at Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday.

What has been you best bargain of the year so far-was it thrifted from the boot sale or charity shop or did you get an amazing bargain in the recent sales, please share!!